I saw Dr Darrow to discuss an issue I had with a bump under my eye after having an under eye blepharoplasty with another surgeon. The operating plastic surgeon said it was nothing that could be corrected (gave me a few different reasons why). I was unhappy a year later, as it was all I could see when I looked in the mirror, even though I was overall happy with the result. The bump under my eye could get very large and swollen. On a whim, I thought I would seek a second opinion in Dr Darrow. Not only did he give me his opinion on how to fix it from the simple to complex (wait, it IS fixable?? News to me!!!), he tried using a very minute amount of injected steroid to help. It has been five days and I haven’t seen the bump come back. This is amazing. I only paid for the consult and certainly was not expecting the time he gave me to hear my concerns, he did not discount them like the other doctor had and the willingness to try something while I was there. He said it would not worsen the bump but might improve it. So far, it has. He told me to follow up in a month to know for sure if it is resolved. I will definitely return to Dr Darrow for future improvements. He has a very nice manner and calming way about him.