Breast Augmentation Recovery

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Patients need to know what they can expect during the breast augmentation recovery period ahead of the procedure. This will allow them to prepare accordingly and make the experience as smooth and as short as possible. More details about breast augmentation recovery in Boston are available when patients reach out to Darrow Cosmetic Surgery.

Preparing Meals and the Recovery Room

There are a few preparations that patients can perform ahead of time. The room that they will be staying in should be conducive to a restful and stress-free healing experience. Meals should also be planned and prepared ahead of time if possible, or patients can arrange assistance from someone who can help make food for them.

Follow All Instructions Provided

Patients will be provided instructions on how to care for the affected areas, such as changing bandages and what they should wear to support their breasts as they heal. Details regarding medications will be given, as well. Patients must adhere to post-surgical recovery directions as closely as possible.

What to Expect During Breast Augmentation Recovery

Some minor discomfort, bruising, swelling, and tenderness can be expected during the first week of the breast augmentation recovery period. These will decrease in time. Some weakness will also set in for the first day or two, but patients should steadily regain their strength with the right amount of rest.

Patients will need extra support for their breasts in the form of a surgical bra without underwire. There could be some minor bleeding around the incision areas, but this is normal and should stop after a few days. The patient’s mobility will also be limited for the first week or so.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Duration

Although every case is different, the full duration of the breast augmentation recovery period is around two months. At the eighth week, the implants should have already settled enough that patients can resume all activities.

Patients can generally go back to work within one week of the surgery. Patients will be advised to avoid strenuous activities for four to six weeks.

How to Heal Faster During Breast Augmentation Recovery

The best way to make the breast augmentation recovery process as short as possible is to rest and avoid sources of stress. The body will require a lot of sleep to heal properly, and movements should be minimized to crucial activities for the initial recovery period.

After that, patients can start taking short walks to increase blood flow. Patients are advised not to lift anything heavy or perform any high-impact exercises.

Set Up a Consultation

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