Looking back, having a facelift was a wonderful decision. I’m so glad I didn’t scare myself out of it. My more youthful jawline, neck and cheeks reappeared – jowls and flabbiness are gone – but I look and feel completely natural for my age. Dr. Darrow is truly an artist!
Making the decision to get a facelift, though, was the easier part. Finding the right doctor was a bit more scary. I had consultations with other surgeons, but when I met Dr. Darrow I quickly felt at ease. He has a wonderful manner about him and clearly takes pride in “his work.” Dr. Darrow is easy to talk to – open with answers to my questions. I felt very comfortable and secure in his hands. Now I think of him more as a body-sculptor than a surgeon. And Helen, his assistant, was (and is) ever-responsive and welcoming – fabulous with the surrounding details and all my questions. Plus, The Boston Center facility is top-notch – including their attentive nurse care and top-notch anesthesiologist.